Author name: Aparna Ramesh K

Power of Words

Two friends, 8 year old Ram & 9 year old Shyam, love to monkey around the trees. Their favourite game was to climb up the trees and poles and literally hang from there, sometimes upside down. Just because they thought it was fun. Their little brains didn’t process that the branch from where they were

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Strengthen Your Resilience!

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; also known as bouncing back or moving on. Just like a rubber band that can be stretched to its limits but eventually when the pressure reduces, it comes back to its original form. Similarly, if the pressures of your world are stretching you to limits, coming

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Working with your EGO

Ego. Ego is a sense of self. Sometimes it can take you up; most times it can bring you down. It’s an illusion that creates a mask over our minds. Almost every religion refers to the ego as an ultimate evil, destroyer of relationships. Sanatana Dharma refers to it as an obstacle in worldly and

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How to Improve Concentration

As a child, I was very restless. I vividly remember my mom yelling at me to stop fidgeting and concentrate on studies. I of course never really listened to her But the awareness of my restlessness came a couple of years ago when I first attempted to write a blog. I remember taking almost a

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Living from Inside-Out

How do you make decisions? If it’s related to a product or service, these days we typically check online for reviews before we make a buying decision. We do that because we want to feel good about our decision and not make any wrong decisions, But you know that these reviews and feedback can be

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Fearless Networking

I love meeting people. I love interacting with them, learning about them and their stories and generally staying in touch.. I am what many call – a natural networker. What comes easy to me though, can be a dreaded activity to some. In my experience as a coach, I’ve come across several professionals who want

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Having Difficult Conversations

How do you handle difficult conversations? A lot of our time and energy is wasted on conflicts, resolving or avoiding them. If you’re in a mood to resolve then the most important part of it would be to ‘handle difficult conversations’ Whether it’s your personal relationships or professional ones, conflicts are often resolved by having

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