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Time and Energy Mastery

Self-Help Tools

The resources provided below offer valuable insights into your personal strengths, skills, and areas for growth. Engaging with these self-assessment tools can be a transformative step towards understanding yourself better and making informed decisions for your personal and professional development

Click on each link to explore more about these tools and how they can contribute to your journey of self-discovery and growth.

Weekly Habit Tracker

This tracker is designed to help you monitor and maintain your desired habits. List the habits you want to cultivate or change, such as exercise, reading, or reducing snacks. Each day, record whether you successfully completed the habit or not. This tool serves as a visual record of your progress, enabling you to stay accountable and work towards positive behavioral changes. Ready to take charge of your habits? Let’s get started!

The Wheel of Life

This is an incredible tool that helps you see where you’re at in different areas of your life. Think of the wheel as slices of a pie, each representing things like work, family, health, and more. You rate how satisfied you are in each slice. Once you spin the wheel, you’ll see which areas need a little more love and attention. It’s like a playful way to balance and improve your life’s ride.

Rate Your Thinking – Self Assessment

Think of this tool as a mirror for your thoughts. Reflect and rate how positive, realistic, and helpful your thinking is. It’s like checking in on your mental GPS. This self-assessment helps you understand your thought patterns and steer towards more constructive thinking. Ready to rate and elevate your thinking game? Just go for it!

Monthly Reflection Journal

This Monthly Reflection Journal Worksheet is like your personal time machine for looking back and moving forward. At the end of every month, take a moment to note down your thoughts – what went well, what have you learned, and any amazing moments that you cherish. Then, shift your focus to the month ahead and set intentions or goals. It’s like having a chat with yourself to keep growing and thriving. You’ll love this.

Life Goals Planner

This planner your personal space to reflect and level up in different areas of your life. Check out the categories and note where you are already rocking, and areas where you can shine even brighter. Reflect and set a cool goal for each category. This is your roadmap to becoming your best self! You got this!

28 day Gratitude Challenge (Prompts)

The 28-Day Gratitude Journal Challenge worksheet with prompts! It’s like a special journey to boost your positivity. Just follow one prompt a day in your own pace and see the impact it has on you. Think of it as your happiness trainer, helping you notice the awesome things in life. So, get set to make each day brighter, step by step!

Decision Making Cheat-Sheet : What If

Imagine having a sidekick that helps you explore different angles. This cheat sheet is your ticket to a fresh perspective. It’s like putting on new glasses to see things in a whole new light! These outcomes will shake things up and help you think differently. So, dive into those “what if” questions, balance the good and not-so-good stuff, and navigate through options with this friendly guide by your side.

Decision Making Cheat-Sheet

This Decision Making Cheat-Sheet is your quick guide to making choices smarter and easier. It’s like having a handy helper to remind you of the important steps when you’re faced with decisions. Follow the prompts to brainstorm solutions to a decision you’re facing. Then, choose the best solution based on your answers. It breaks down the process, from gathering info to weighing pros and cons, so you can make confident choices. Think of it as your decision-making wingman!

The Amazing Tracker

The “Amazing Tracker” worksheet is like your buddy for keeping an eye on whatever you want to track – habits, moods, you name it! It’s super flexible. Just jot down what you’re keeping track of and watch how things shift over time. It’s like having a helpful friend to help you stay in the know about stuff that matters to you.

Action Priority Matrix 

Think of the Action Priority Matrix as your task superhero. You’re going to give each task two scores: one for how important it is and one for how much work it needs. Add those scores up. Tasks that have a big impact but need less effort are your main heroes – do those first. Tasks with high scores in both areas might need more energy, but they’re still important. Low scores can wait for now. This superhero helps you pick what tasks are worth your time and energy.

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