Strengthen Your Resilience!

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Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; also known as bouncing back or moving on.

Just like a rubber band that can be stretched to its limits but eventually when the pressure reduces, it comes back to its original form. Similarly, if the pressures of your world are stretching you to limits, coming back to your original form, accepting what you are, and building back from there will help you thrive & succeed quickly.

So in today’s world of uncertainty… it’s important you build mental resistance.

How does a resilient person behave though? Here are some of the traits

They are in complete control of themselves.

They accept whatever is happening to them.

They adapt to their situation

They work with the adversity

They work on themselves

They let go and live in the moment

When we are resilient we tend to be more optimistic, confident, proactive, and in control of our lives.

Resilience can be described as an emotional muscle which we all have to some degree. You can develop and strengthen it with determination and of course practice. Practice can help you get better at everything.

So in order for you to strengthen your mental muscle, here are 4 quick tips you can use –

1. Be aware of your inner dialogue

Your mental strength is determined by what you think and believe. Our brain is so powerful that whatever you think, you can achieve it.

So be mindful of what you feed it. With periodic reflection, you will realise that by feeding positivity you can change the narrative in your mind.

What you feed grows.. what you starve dies

2. Workaround your limitations

You know your strengths and limitations right? If you don’t know yet, spend some time to get that in place.

Once you know your limitations, instead of fighting it, if you accept it, something wonderful happens. You will automatically begin to work with it and around it.

3. Figure out your WHY

When you’re 100% sure of what your goal in life is, you will rarely get deviated from it.

A clear sense of purpose enables you to focus on what matters most, making you take the risks and push forward regardless of circumstances. So when your WHY is compelling, your focus is unwavering, you will find the energy, determination, and courage to take you forward.

4. Build self-compassion

Self-compassion involves offering compassion to ourselves. This includes accepting who you are with all sincerity, without judgments, and seeking to improve areas to change in your life with kindness.

Which means you stop criticising yourself. You learn to let go and forgive, for your own sake; forgiveness doesn’t mean letting the offender off the hook or reconciling with them. It means you’re not going to trouble yourself for their mistakes.

When we learn how to become resilient, we learn how to embrace the beautifully broad spectrum of the human experience

Jaeda Dewalt

Resilience is a special skill. It is an adaptive mode of thinking which has to be developed gradually with patience. It is a skill that can always be built, worked on, and improved.

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