Crafting IDP

This is a personalised program to help in designing and developing your Individual Development Plans (IDPs) that aligns with your career goals and aspirations.

Through self-assessment and highly individualized coaching, Bluprint helps you identify gaps in your skills and competencies, and then develop a targeted plan to achieve your professional goals.

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Crafting your Individual Development Plan (IDP) is an investment in your professional growth and future career success. By taking the time to create an IDP, you can clarify your career aspirations, identify the skills and knowledge you need to develop, and create a plan to achieve your goals. 

This process can help you stay focused and motivated while also increasing your confidence in your ability to advance in your career. It can also assist you in taking ownership of your professional development and communicating your career goals and needs to your manager, thereby opening up opportunities for support and guidance. Finally, investing in your IDP can lead to increased job satisfaction, employability, and career advancement opportunities.

Here are some more benefits -

Focus and Clarity

An IDP assists you in identifying your professional goals and developing a strategy for achieving them. You can focus your efforts and stay on track by breaking down your goals into specific, measurable steps.

Career Growth

An IDP can assist you in identifying gaps and acquiring new skills & knowledge, which can improve your job performance and career growth potential.

Better Performance

By focusing on your identified areas for improvement, you can improve your performance and contribute to your organisation more effectively.

Increased Job Satisfaction

An IDP can help you feel more engaged and motivated at work by providing a sense of purpose and direction, as well as a roadmap to achieving your career goals.

Communication and Feedback

An IDP can facilitate better communication with your manager or mentor and enable constructive feedback and coaching, leading to more effective development and growth.

Enhanced Employability

By constantly developing and improving your skills, knowledge, and expertise, you can improve your marketability and employability, making you a valuable asset to your current or future employer.

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