How to Improve Concentration

As a child, I was very restless. I vividly remember my mom yelling at me to stop fidgeting and concentrate on studies. I of course never really listened to her

But the awareness of my restlessness came a couple of years ago when I first attempted to write a blog. I remember taking almost a month to put my thoughts down.

Back then, I was employed and had an entire weekend. But this restlessness or my awareness of it came forward when I increased the frequency of posts. I wondered why did I take so many days to put my thoughts across. If I was really suffering from writer’s block or does it have to do with my concentration.

After digging deeper into these questions and my own behaviour here’s what I concluded.

You will concentrate on work that you value or love. If you’re doing anything without value or love, you will be distracted easily.

It’s as simple as that.

I couldn’t concentrate on writing a simple blog post because I did not see value in it. I did not see it as an avenue of expression. I wanted to write a blog because everyone else wrote it. I wanted to write a blog because my friends were writing it.

I create weekly videos I have a process of scripting-shooting-editing-publishing. And even after 150 videos, I am never distracted from this process. That is why I am consistent with them and by far never missed even a single week.

So here’s my conclusion, for you to improve your concentrations, you need to do the following.

1. Check on your WHY – (the purpose)

What do you want to concentrate on and why you want to do it?

If you’re a student, for example, and have trouble concentrating on your studies, ask yourself why do you want to study? You would’ve answered – to get good grades.

Why do you want to get good grades?

Is it because your parents tell you?

Or because your friends get good grades?

Or is it because you believe good grades will help you get ahead in your career?

What is your intention?

Questioning your intentions will give you clarity.

Similarly, look for your WHY in every area where you think you lack concentration. Because we don’t need to concentrate to check Insta or Snapchat .. right?

You already have within you, the ability to concentrate. All you need to do is figure your WHY out before you begin your task.

Once you figure your WHY out .. then you will be able to move on to the next step-

2. Understand WHAT are your distractions – (the obstacle)

Staying with the example above, now that you know the value of your studies – what is still distracting you? Is it the constant buzzing of your phone? If it is, then fix it

Awareness is the first step to any change. It is important for you to become aware of all your distractions – present and potential. Because only when you know them, you can fix them, right?

3. HOW will you improve – (the solution)

Fixing your distractions is how you will be able to improve your concentration

For example, if it’s the buzz on your phone, then the fix is probably to remove notifications.

If it is constantly checking your social media, then the fix is to block your phone for that period using focus-based apps

If your distraction is background noise, or people interrupting you, then the fix is to cut out that noise. Putting on a headphone with your fav music and putting a board in front of you so people don’t disturb you.

There is a fix to whatever your problem is. Identifying the root cause and working with it /around it will help you improve your concentration.

I’d like to conclude with this quote –

Success in life is a matter, not so much of talent, as of concentration and perseverance ~ CW Wendte

Do let us know your thoughts and views on this article.

Good luck! 🙂

Aparna is a behavioural coach with a passion to support people who want to help themselves. She is an avid YouTube and publishes weekly videos. For more information and to reach out to her click here

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