Emotional Anchors – Why you need them!

2012 was supposed to be the year of the apocalypse. There were many doomsday & new age theories and to a curious soul like me, it was a wonderful distraction. I say distraction because those theories and prediction stories helped me anchor what I consider the most difficult time of my life.

Anchors are someone (or something) that can help you stay grounded. They help elevate your state of mind. They can be your favourite movie or a song, an old picture that takes you back to happy times or maybe a good friend who holds your hand and tells you ‘this too shall pass’.

Every one of us has tendency to talk our hearts out if we trust that someone who is willing to listen, isn’t it? Emotional anchors do exactly that. They become very important part of our lives; a centre of a web of relationships. They can lend you support and become the pillar of strength pushing you ahead.

Looking back now, I wouldn’t know what I would do, if I didn’t have these anchors. Over a period of time, I have managed to create several anchors and I’m grateful for every one of them.

Today I want to share the type of anchors I use to help me feel amazing and how you can identify your own.

Visual Anchors are those items that elevate you to a positive state of mind through the sense of sight. Such as a favourite bracelet or any other object that has happy memories. For me, inspiring quotes and phrases every day have a tendency to boost my mood.

I encourage you to look around you and see if there are any items that tell you happy stories. Symbols, flowers, cuddly toys or even a photograph of someone or something that fills you with joy. Surrounding yourself with items such as these will help you reach out to them when you need an anchor.

Auditory Anchors are sounds such as whistling, flowing water or birds chirping. A popular auditory anchor is a soft music. For me, guided meditation works beautifully. The soothing voice of my teacher fills me up with peace and I find myself relaxing instantaneously.

Look for what soothes you. Close your eyes and imagine those sounds. If speaking to your loved one can fix your mood, then become aware of it so that you can use it when you’re in need.

Kinesthetics Anchors are sensations arising out of our body movements (muscle /joints etc) that trigger comfort. When you feel the negative sensation in your body, gentle massaging can releases the knots and make you feel relaxed. Similarly, a caring hug from your loved one or a comforting pat from a dear friend can also work.

Yoga promotes ‘mudras’ or hand gestures as a practice to direct the flow of energy within your body . Personally, I practice Shuni Mudra (pressing the thumb to the tip of middle finger). This mudra symbolises patience and discipline and gives me strength and stability to control my monkey mind.

We live in a world of senses infused by thoughts and feelings. Creating positive anchors through any of your five senses helps you navigate your emotions. Be aware of them and channelise them to elevate your state of mind. Because a healthy state of mind is essential for you to achieve the results you want.

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