Emotional Health

Making Friends with Pain

Pain is an uncomfortable unpleasant sensation that can range from mild discomfort to agony. There can be physical pain, which in comparison is more manageable, and emotional pain. Emotional pain can be caused due to sadness, hopelessness, anger, or anxiety; something all of us are currently in. Did you know that prolonged emotional pain can […]

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Art of Self Love

Amongst all relationships you will ever have in your life….the best one is with yourself. Feelings and actions have complicated relationship with each other. The way you feel will be the way you behave. And more importantly treat yourself like how you’d treat someone you love. With gentle kindness and compassion. And you can do

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Embracing Imperfections

Recently, a friend of mine commented on my branding exercise and said ‘so you’re doing all these stuff, creating videos, helping people, improving self .. you must be nearly perfect’. It was then that stuck me, are people really thinking that ? I mean I’m happy if people are calling me perfect but that is

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How to stop giving excuses!

Do you ever catch yourself making excuses? Do you know you make excuses? I don’t have time; I’m not sure; I can’t change, I don’t know how; I am too old to do this; this won’t work; this is not my cup of tea…etc etc. You’re okay if you geniunely are not interested but most

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