Art of Self Love

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Amongst all relationships you will ever have in your life….the best one is with yourself. Feelings and actions have complicated relationship with each other.

The way you feel will be the way you behave. And more importantly treat yourself like how you’d treat someone you love. With gentle kindness and compassion.

And you can do this by creating deliberate behaviours via deliberate actions.

Let me tell you upfront that loving yourself doesn’t mean you’re being selfish. If you can love yourself you will love others so much more. Always remember that.

Listen to your body –

Our bodies talk to us. They tell us when to eat, when to sleep and send signals to us all the time. Except we don’t hear it enough. It does it’s job well but we don’t pay it enough respect it deserve. Don’t you think?

So try this little experiment today. Take a moment to tune inside your body. Try and observe what you feel today. Right now. Place your hand on your heart or your stomach and observe. What do you feel? What is your body telling you? IF you don’t hear anything don’t worry. Because we are not used to it, it will take you a while but you will eventually get it.

Tuning in to your body will not just help you heighten your intuition but also feel very loved; become your own best friend.

Control your mind –

More importantly control what your thinking is. What you think you will eventually become. Positivity begets positivity. Thats why there are so many motivational quotes out there. In fact motivational quotes are the most shared on social media. Did you notice that?

If you don’t feel positive on any given day, you can create habits such as saying positive affirmations in front of the mirror to get over the feeling of doom and gloom. Creating a brain dump of all negative thoughts will help you clear your head and activate your logical brain.

Follow daily rituals –

All influencers and celebrities have rituals. In fact you have too. You just have to ensure you have specific rituals that can help you move forward, help you get excited about your day. They could be affirmations, journaling, prayer or meditation, mindful breathing or even drinking coffee in silence. Choose your ritual so you can look forward to that time every single day

Develop sense of gratitude –

I can’t talk enough about feeling thankful for things you have. If you are watching this, you are privileged and being thankful will keep you grounded and humble. It will also make you happy, healthy and believe more in yourself. So try to develop sense of gratitude in your life.

Laugh –

Did you know there is a wikihow page on how to laugh in 11 steps?

Don’t laugh it off but laughter is indeed the best medicine out there. Laughing releases endorphins which reduces stress causing cortisol. Laughing also stretches muscles in the body expands your lungs pushing more oxygen to your body. Lastly a big smile on your face will make you beautiful.

These five steps are just the beginning… there could be many more for you if you give yourself enough time to understand what you need.

So decide to give yourself some serious self love. You absolutely deserve it.

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