Power of Words

Two friends, 8 year old Ram & 9 year old Shyam, love to monkey around the trees. Their favourite game was to climb up the trees and poles and literally hang from there, sometimes upside down. Just because they thought it was fun. Their little brains didn’t process that the branch from where they were

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Developing a Winning Attitude

You know already that having a winning attitude will catapult your life to a different level. You may also know that attitude are formed by the influences we have in our lives; which come from our beliefs, values, culture and experiences. But regardless of these, is it possible to change our attitude? Is it possible

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How do you inspire others?

If you engage on social media you will relate to the word ‘influencer’Now, there is a whole industry out there of influencers and online celebrities.If you follow them, they are constantly in your feeds and in a way on your mind- influencing you at every step of the way.We like influencers because we aspire to

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Making Friends with Pain

Pain is an uncomfortable unpleasant sensation that can range from mild discomfort to agony. There can be physical pain, which in comparison is more manageable, and emotional pain. Emotional pain can be caused due to sadness, hopelessness, anger, or anxiety; something all of us are currently in. Did you know that prolonged emotional pain can

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Strengthen Your Resilience!

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; also known as bouncing back or moving on. Just like a rubber band that can be stretched to its limits but eventually when the pressure reduces, it comes back to its original form. Similarly, if the pressures of your world are stretching you to limits, coming

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