Mood Swings – Tools & Triggers

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Happy, sad, frustrated, irritated, blah, angry, depressed, cranky, Blah!

We all have our moods

Moods are the state of our emotions. Happy positive moods.. set us up for success. It’s when we are at our best, behaviours and actions-wise

Negative moods typically create more drama in our lives.

This is when we assume things, create stories in our head, we argue more.. we complain a lot and our ego is at its best … this is how we make the world an exciting place to be in.

Well, that was sarcasm.

Mood swings are natural and part of our lives and they’re okay as long as they aren’t harming you in any way. They’re okay as long as they’re contained and controlled. But when you get seriously affected.. like spikes in your moods or drastic changes in your behavior.. you may need to get professional help. Because if extreme mood swings are not treated on time, they can lead to bipolar disorder.

So how do we know if our mood changes are normal or extreme?

The best way to identify is to keep a watch. You can make a comparative check on how your mood was yesterday and how is it today and how much of it is impacting the work that you do. The question I want you to ask yourself is … what is your mood making you do?

The first step to any change is being aware of the issue. So to understand your moods, you can track them every day in a mood journal. You can use journaling apps to track them, I’ve spoken about one such app in my previous video. OR if you want an even-simplified solution, you can use my mood monitor. I call it – Year in Pixels.

You can download this sheet for free from my website, print it out, and track the moods that are affecting you.

Here’s what I do. I printed this out and added to my organiser and every evening I mark what my predominant mood was on that day. Every quarter I look at this sheet and see how my moods are and figure a way of controlling negative moods.

Tracking your mood will help you identify the triggers that is causing you this swing… These triggers can be of two types-

Are there any specific kind of foods or beverages that are triggering this? (Food triggers)

What we put in our bodies largely affect our mood. The right foods provide nutrients that feed, nourish, and protect our brain. Healthy foods provide the building blocks of hormones and brain chemicals that regulate your moods. Whereas the wrong foods not only lack essential brain nutrients, they contain compounds that trigger biochemical events that eventually give you mood swings. So if you find yourself spiking in your moods, check on what you are putting into your body.

What is the environment you’re surrounded in ? They could be your physical triggers.

Stress, anxiety, pollution, erratic schedules, too much of screen time, too less sleep, no time to relax, are all contributors to your moods. There are also inappropriate seasonal changes that we are all experiencing globally.

So how do you control your mood swings?

  • Exercise
  • Healthy Diet
  • Daily Routine
  • Healthy Sleep habits
  • Pursuing a hobby or a passion
  • Giving yourself time-outs
  • Meditation

You are already aware of this. These are the cure to most of our lifestyle problems. So I will not go into detail with them. But what I can share with you is how you can effectively listen to your body. But that is for the next time.

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

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