Habit Creation

Developing a Winning Attitude

You know already that having a winning attitude will catapult your life to a different level. You may also know that attitude are formed by the influences we have in our lives; which come from our beliefs, values, culture and experiences. But regardless of these, is it possible to change our attitude? Is it possible […]

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Clarity in Confusion

Human brain is amazing and it continues to keep our scientists and neurologists busy. But with the constant flow of information in today’s world our brain can go into hyperdrive and result into the concept called information overload. With this comes the state of confusion. When you are in the confused you could go through

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Creating Habits That Work

Did you know that the most popular new year resolution is in Diet, exercise and weight loss area? Did you also know that a staggering 92% of all new year resolutions fail by February. Neilsen conducted a popular survey of resolutions and the one that comes right on the top every year across globe is

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What Are You Thinking?

It is said that the world you see, is what you think you see. What you think is eventually, what you will become. It took me few years of observing and understanding my self to realise the power of this sentence. Let me explain. Last year, I made a decision to jump out from a

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Mood Swings – Tools & Triggers

Happy, sad, frustrated, irritated, blah, angry, depressed, cranky, Blah! We all have our moods Moods are the state of our emotions. Happy positive moods.. set us up for success. It’s when we are at our best, behaviours and actions-wise Negative moods typically create more drama in our lives. This is when we assume things, create

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