How do you inspire others?

If you engage on social media you will relate to the word ‘influencer’Now, there is a whole industry out there of influencers and online celebrities.If you follow them, they are constantly in your feeds and in a way on your mind- influencing you at every step of the way.We like influencers because we aspire to […]

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How to Improve Concentration

As a child, I was very restless. I vividly remember my mom yelling at me to stop fidgeting and concentrate on studies. I of course never really listened to her But the awareness of my restlessness came a couple of years ago when I first attempted to write a blog. I remember taking almost a

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Living from Inside-Out

How do you make decisions? If it’s related to a product or service, these days we typically check online for reviews before we make a buying decision. We do that because we want to feel good about our decision and not make any wrong decisions, But you know that these reviews and feedback can be

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Fearless Networking

I love meeting people. I love interacting with them, learning about them and their stories and generally staying in touch.. I am what many call – a natural networker. What comes easy to me though, can be a dreaded activity to some. In my experience as a coach, I’ve come across several professionals who want

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Top Time Wasters

Do you struggle with managing your time? Have you wondered how some people do many things in the same time compared to you? I mean what is it that they’re doing what you are unable to? You could be wasting time on many things and if you begin to make a list, you will probably

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How To Motivate Yourself Daily!

Remember the time you got all pumped up about something – a new idea or opportunity and pushed yourself hard. But after few days, you got bored. The idea doesnt seem exciting anymore, the process isn’t fun and you wondered if this is really worthy of your time. And then you see someone who achieves

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Achieving Work-Life Balance

As a coach, I get to hear a lot about work-life balance. People often feel guilty for putting more effort at work that they enjoy; they are apologetic for enjoying something and be called as workaholic or career-oriented with a negative connotation. To some, work is life and they enjoy every bit of it. The

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The Choices We Make

Few weeks ago, I received an anonymous quote as a forward – “Everything you do is based on the choices you make. It’s not your parents, your past relationships, your job, the economy, the weather, an argument, or your age that is to blame. You and only you are responsible for every decision and choice

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Clarity in Confusion

Human brain is amazing and it continues to keep our scientists and neurologists busy. But with the constant flow of information in today’s world our brain can go into hyperdrive and result into the concept called information overload. With this comes the state of confusion. When you are in the confused you could go through

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How to control Overthinking

Do you stress about what others are saying, what they are doing or not doing; or create stories in your head about reactions? Well.. if you are, then you’re clearly overthinking. Thinking is good. We all have to use our brains for greater good. It is what separates us from all other beings on this

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