How to Improve Concentration

As a child, I was very restless. I vividly remember my mom yelling at me to stop fidgeting and concentrate on studies. I of course never really listened to her But the awareness of my restlessness came a couple of years ago when I first attempted to write a blog. I remember taking almost a

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Having Difficult Conversations

How do you handle difficult conversations? A lot of our time and energy is wasted on conflicts, resolving or avoiding them. If you’re in a mood to resolve then the most important part of it would be to ‘handle difficult conversations’ Whether it’s your personal relationships or professional ones, conflicts are often resolved by having

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Laws of Goal Setting

This blog is originally created for Coach To Transformation. If there is one thing that I loved and obsessed since the beginning of my career, it was to organise, plan and set goals for myself. I read every possible book, article published, heard over and over what influencers were talking about how they set their

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