Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

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Entrepreneurs succeed because they think, act, and view the world differently from the rest of us. Look up the stories of Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg, Warren Buffet, or any of your fav icons. What do they tell you?

They belong to that elite group of people who are always improving how and what they do and how and what they think about. They anticipate and embrace change and bundle this with thoughtful, energetic actions. And it always begins with the mindset.

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to have an entrepreneurial mindset though. You could be an employee or self-employed but having this mindset can help you in more ways than you can think of.

What is it?

An entrepreneurial mindset is a mode of thinking that can help you achieve your goals. With the right mindset, you know what to do, how to do it, and find a workaround to whatever challenge you may encounter.

So how can you emulate them? Here are three core values that makeup the entrepreneurial mindset


Having a vision of what you want to do, and where you want to go, will help you to see beyond your current position or the limited resources you have. You will move forward fully appreciating the potential as well as the possibilities you have.


The generosity which develops from supporting and leading others – an entrepreneurial trait, will help you eliminate negative biases, reduce resistance to change, and heal dysfunctions around you.

An act of kindness and generosity will make you a happier person. And a happy leader will support and encourage others. Kindness begets kindness, isn’t it?


A successful entrepreneur displays ample courage. Courage stems from the clarity of vision, perseverance, and self-trust. When you have courage, you will take risks despite the fear, an important trait of entrepreneurs

So these are the top three values I believe you must inculcate to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

There are many more – like trust, respect, collaborative spirit, reputation, etc. But the top 3 – vision – generosity, and courage will get you started.

What do you think – Is it easy to develop these three ??

Aparna is a behavioural coach with a passion to support people who want to help themselves. She is an avid YouTube and publishes weekly videos. For more information and to reach out to her click here

Reading Time: 2 minutes

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