Living from Inside-Out

How do you make decisions? If it’s related to a product or service, these days we typically check online for reviews before we make a buying decision. We do that because we want to feel good about our decision and not make any wrong decisions, But you know that these reviews and feedback can be […]

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Having Difficult Conversations

How do you handle difficult conversations? A lot of our time and energy is wasted on conflicts, resolving or avoiding them. If you’re in a mood to resolve then the most important part of it would be to ‘handle difficult conversations’ Whether it’s your personal relationships or professional ones, conflicts are often resolved by having

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Stop Assuming!

I was excited about this big presentation, I wanted to make to impress a group of people who have asked me to speak. I had prepared a great PowerPoint but no matter how much I tried, I was unable to connect to the projector. Time was getting wasted and the audience was getting restless. I

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Top Time Wasters

Do you struggle with managing your time? Have you wondered how some people do many things in the same time compared to you? I mean what is it that they’re doing what you are unable to? You could be wasting time on many things and if you begin to make a list, you will probably

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Are you breathing properly?

The only thing that stays with us, from the time we’re born to the time we die.. is our breath.Everything else changes, your friends, family, jobs, situations and time.. everything except your breath. But does your breath ever change? Of course it does when you’re stressed, or angry or sad; happy or excited. Every emotion

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