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Superman X.0

This program is designed to empower men to handle societal pressures related to men’s responsibilities, biases towards men, gender sensitivity, gender neutrality, inclusivity, empathy, emotional intelligence, and inner peace.
The program is tailored to meet each participant’s unique needs and focuses on fostering personal growth and transformation.

Program Highlights

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle
This quote by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle perfectly encapsulates the essence of this program.

Superman X.0 is an immersive experience that combines a powerful 2-day workshop with ongoing group and individual coaching sessions. Our carefully crafted curriculum is designed to create a supportive space where you can explore, express, and embrace your true self. Our team of experienced coaches and facilitators will guide you through a process of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment.

What To Expect:

Workshop Day 1: Discovering the Self

On the first day, you’ll dive headfirst into the realm of emotions, beliefs, and vulnerability. Through a series of engaging activities and discussions, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your emotions and how they impact your thoughts and actions. We’ll explore the beliefs that might be holding you back, and together, we’ll begin to break free from those limitations.

Workshop Day 2: Empowering the Self

The second day is all about empowerment and aligning with your core values. You’ll learn how to set empowering goals that resonate with your authentic self and craft a vision for your future that excites and motivates you. By developing resilience, you’ll be better equipped to face life’s challenges and emerge stronger than ever before.

Group Coaching Session (15 days from the Workshop):

After the workshop, you’ll continue your journey through a group coaching sessions. In a supportive community of like-minded men, you’ll share your progress, insights, and struggles. Our group coaching fosters a sense of camaraderie and mutual support that will fuel your growth throughout the program.

Individual Coaching Sessions:

To ensure personalized attention and guidance, each participant will receive 3 individual coaching sessions. Your dedicated coach will work closely with you, providing tailored support as you navigate your unique path to personal growth and self-awareness.

Why Choose Superman X.0:

Holistic Approach: Our program takes a holistic approach to personal growth, addressing emotional intelligence, limiting beliefs, goal-setting, and resilience.

Safe and Supportive Environment: We prioritize creating a safe space where you can express yourself freely and feel supported throughout your journey.

Certified Coaches and Trained Facilitators: Our team consists of certified coaches and trained facilitators with a wealth of experience in personal development.

Lasting Impact: Superman X.0 is not just a fleeting experience; it equips you with the tools and insights to continue your growth long after the program ends.


Who Should Participate?

Men who yearn to unleash their inner superhero will surely benefit from this program. So whether you’re seeking personal growth, transformation, or the courage to face life’s challenges head-on, this program can work wonders for you.

Note: Superman X.0 is a powerful and transformative program designed exclusively for men. For women-focused empowerment programs, please explore the program ‘Wonder Woman’

Interested to know more?

Schedule a 30-minute ‘no commitment’ call with our Program Director to explore the details. 

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