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Leader as coach

A comprehensive Leadership Coaching program for working professionals who want to ‘elevate’ their careers and improve their leadership abilities. You will gain valuable insights into your personal leadership style as well as the know-how to achieve your professional goals through personalised coaching sessions and focused evaluations.

Program Highlights

Personalised Intervention

Goals for every coaching engagement will be based on what the leader wants to work on; in a clear defined process with timelines.

In-depth Assessments

Access to research-based 360-degree assessments, self-assessments, and other relevant questionnaires that can be leveraged with the leader throughout the engagement.

Review & Outcomes

Support to review the coaching intervention progress and impact on the leader and their organisation with powerful feedback mechanisms.

Reported Outcomes

Authentic Leadership

We believe that when leaders are genuine and true to themselves, they are more likely to be effective, trustworthy, and respected by their team, peers and organisation we well. Hence our approach is based on Authentic Leadership Model.

The program will help you -
  • Work inside out helping you master holistic leadership skills aiding to a thorough behavioural transformation
  • Become an empathic human being with clarity of thought & a strategic mindset
  • Deal with pressures related to sustainability, quality assurance, and the ability to meet client expectations require effective leadership to lead, change, and improve enterprise performance

The Authentic Leadership model emphasizes that leadership is not about power or control, but about service and creating positive change in the organization and society at large.

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