Are you breathing properly?

The only thing that stays with us, from the time we’re born to the time we die.. is our breath.Everything else changes, your friends, family, jobs, situations and time.. everything except your breath. But does your breath ever change? Of course it does when you’re stressed, or angry or sad; happy or excited. Every emotion […]

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What Are You Thinking?

It is said that the world you see, is what you think you see. What you think is eventually, what you will become. It took me few years of observing and understanding my self to realise the power of this sentence. Let me explain. Last year, I made a decision to jump out from a

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Quick Fix to Negative Thoughts

We are all plagued by negative thoughts and we know they aren’t good for us. It affects our self confidence and spirals us down the rabbit hole. Typically when you try meditation, exercising or diverting your mind, it will help you ease the rush of negative thoughts albeit, temporarily. Which is why you need to

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How to stop giving excuses!

Do you ever catch yourself making excuses? Do you know you make excuses? I don’t have time; I’m not sure; I can’t change, I don’t know how; I am too old to do this; this won’t work; this is not my cup of tea…etc etc. You’re okay if you geniunely are not interested but most

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